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International Partnerships

Prof. Tirant’s treatment protocols are being successfully used in a number of European Hospitals by Professors of Dermatology, who have gained the confidence and faith in the work of Prof. Tirant. This is a huge breakthrough for a non-dermatologist whereby he and his work have gained acceptance by the leaders in the field. In fact, the topical family of the Dr Michaels© / Soratinex© Cleansing Gel, Scalp & Body Ointment and the Skin Conditioner have been so well received in Europe that Cosmetic Registration of the Dr Michaels© / Soratinex©  Psoriasis range of products has been completed and approved.

Dr Michaels© / Soratinex© branded products are distributed in Europe by our distribution partners, Frankl Pharma (Hungary, Czech Republic) and Febumed (Poland). It is also sold extensively through online pharmacy portals like DocSimon,  Medcentrum, and  In Asia, our distribution partner is Khang Thai Pharmaceutical of Vietnam who has established the Dr Michaels Psoriasis & Skin Clinic in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

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