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At our Psoriasis Eczema Clinics which are located in Frankston and Melbourne, our Practitioners identify and specialise in the highly successfully treatment of Psoriasis and Eczema / Dermatitis. We also offer treament protocols for a wide range of other skiHand Num Ecz x 4n conditions, skin diseases, skin rashes, allergies and viral and other infections, from minor irritations to debilitating illnesses.

Our naturally-based treatment approach is to firstly, identify your skin condition, followed by a very effective customised treatment protocol that is the result of over 30 years of scientific research and clinical practice. We ensure that you are educated and empowered to take control of your red, itchy, flaky, infected skin condition, whether it is as a result from allergies, auto-immunity, contact, hormonal, dietary, viral or other causes.

The consultation process involves the Initial Consultation, which is usually between 30-40 minutes in length and depending upon the severity of your skin condition and your skin’s response, there may be several subsequent review consultations. 

In the initial consultation, the Practitioner will identify your Primary and Secondary Triggers and explain to you the impact that these triggers have on your skin condition and what you can do to reduce or avoid these triggers. The Practitioner will discuss with you, secondary triggers that continually exacerbate your skin condition which may include hormonal, dietary as well as your lifestyle related issues. In the Review Consultations the Practitioner will monitor your skin’s response and personalize / adjust the topical treatment to suit your skin’s response.

This ability to personalize your treatment is what makes us unique.

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