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Safety profile

Our treatment protocols have been clinically trialed and tested in Europe by various institutions and Professors of dermatology, over many years. All the blood tests, liver function tests, kidney function tests and biopsies undertaken on patients showed that the treatments are safe to use, even in Children.

At Psoriasis Eczema Clinic, we offer the highest level of professional care to help you to manage your skin condition. To ensure that you receive the most applicable treatment for your specific condition, and as the Dr Michaels /Seloderma range of products are Practitioner prescribed (unless otherwise indicated), a Practitioners consultation is required.

Our Manufacturers are GMP Registered and/or Licenced to Manufacture Therapeutic Goods under TGA registration.

The topical family of the Dr Michaels Cleansing Gel(Skin Care Gel), Scalp & Body Ointment (Skin Care Cream) and the Skin Conditioner (Skin Care Oil) have received EU Cosmetic Registration approval, one of the most comprehensive and rigorous registration processes currently in force, other than that for a medicine. These products have undergone Skin Sensitization, Skin Irritation, Eye Irritation and Bacteria Mutation Testing as well as stability testing.